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    shelia p. moses

    I am very upset about my wix.com account. I simply did not give power.io permission to go into my account and change the setting. My account was suppose to go directly from BUY.COM to Credit Card option. Now it does to Pay Pal and my customers have to stroll down to the credit card information. I    am asking that my setting are changed back. How do I put in a ticket request for someone to call me.

    Shelia Moses 

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    Hi Sheila!

    Sorry you're having trouble with your PayPal Button. We did recently change the PayPal API we are using to give our users more options for processing payments (there will be additional features such as allowing your buyers to use PayPal credit if they don't have sufficient funds at the time of purchase). 

    I see that you have submitted a ticket to our support team, so they will look into why the behavior of your Button might have changed. You will hear back from them with more details shortly! 

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